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Comment thread for this weekend's live shows
doctor ten mini
pisica wrote in x_factor_polls
Comments for Louis:
- Louis, you came here, you're from Ireland, you sat in your chair and your read the rules!
- Louis, you do not have the full package
- Hi Louis! what possessed you to give Jedward that crappy Boyzone song in the singoff rather than Let's Get Ready to Rumble?
- Louis blinks a lot.
- "She Bang" is NOT a Big Band Song! Louis is a hypocrite!
- I hate you for being Jedward into our lives.

Comments for Cheryl:
- Can I have Joe's Number
- get a new stylist

Comments for Simon:
- Simon, get your friggin' arm off the back of Cheryl's chair. Are you incapable of carrying both elbows yourself?
- Simon, stop undoing 3 buttons of your shirt, it looks awful.

Comments for Dannii:
...aww, no one cares enough to leave her a comment.

I didn't see the title, seen my comment and thought 'me too," then i released it was from me lol xD.

this are pretty funny :P

And cue cliches from all the contestants.

Yeah, I'd like to add banning "This means everything to me." as a suggestion to judges.

One or the other of the overs is going.

Not that I WANT that, I'd rather Stacey or Joe went, but there you go. Oooh, ~tension~.

I think it'll be Danyl. I don't want him to go, but I don't think he's popular enough.

(Deleted comment)
She has certainly been the best dressed!

(Deleted comment)
I find him less annoying now, but I like his singing less, if that makes sense

Great song, but it's too low for Olly.

Ugggh oh god, wtf is wrong Olly D:

OK, I am going to say something that you'll probably think is heresy. I really don't like MJ or his music!!
OK, that's out of the way.
Olly... hmm, not sounding that good to me, tbh.

And another thing... IMHO, Joe has NO personality. If he wins, what will he do? He has no individuality or presence.

I don't either! I don't give much of a damn about the man, and his music bores me...

And ^^^ this. He's so soul crushingly boring! And not a omgwtfAMAZNING voice to make up for it. He'll just fade away if he wins.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I've never noticed this before, but tonight Joe has a mustache shadow above his lip that looks like dirt. I hope they aren't trying to make him look older, it just looks sloppy.

Stacey! Wow! Looking amazing and a great performance!

Wow, Dannii screwed her over with that routine and songchoice. Awful, and I doubt it's her fault.

Stacey looks so uncomfortable when she has to move I'm distracted from her vocal as I'm too busy feeling her pain.

Yeah, agreed. She was so nervous, bless her.

Wow, pretty much the only MJ song I like...

And he's doing it very well. I'm liking this.

And again, unimpressed with all of them. I really wanted Danyl to do better than this :(

Wow, I may have to change my vote. Danyl is doing it.

(Deleted comment)
me too, but my mum's soup is hitting the spot nicely...

Ah, this is a bit better from Olly.

Okay, I officially don't like Olly. Why can't he just sound like a normal contemporary pop star?

This stupid arrangement of a perfectly good song is ruining it for Olly. And the backing singers sound dreadful!

Yes, the chorus arrangement is doing my head in. Other than that he was ok (am scared by the wibbly leg thing)

Not a well known song? Does ANYONE know how Louis actually got a job in the music industry? Jeez!

No curtains of sparkles will change the fact that this is bland.

I was waiting for his eyebrows to set on fire and liven things up a little.

That song was my first slow dance with a boy!!

But I think he was boring. Pretty, but boring.

I hope Joe gets through, he's good, bit boring but then when I put on a cd to listen to it's his voice I want to hear and not his personality.

Do we dock her for screwing up the lyrics?

Glad I wasn't imagining that. Didn't like the backing music much but I loved her voice on that.

I love this song. I do like Stacey's voice.


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