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Results show week nine (semifinals)
doctor ten mini
pisica wrote in x_factor_polls
I may have to close the poll early, though I'll try not to.

Remember that next week astartesyriaca will be running the final poll (can you post it tomorrow or Tuesday so I can play pleeeease?) and posting the comment thread entries.

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WHAT are Dannii and Cheryl wearing, O_O

Danni's is a bit bad, but Cheryl looks like some kind of slutty bride of dracula.

Cheryl's dress is such a WEIRD shape! Not just the long train/short skirt, just in general! Wtf. XD

Hey there... yes, I may even post it tonight! Just so I don't forget. :-)


Been looking forward to this... I LOVE the Bad Romance video.

I love this song!

LMAO, her outfit is amazing.

Yep, but her hair is getting caught on her horns. I hate when that happens to me.

I didn't realize it started early! Oh well, I'm here in time.

You haven't missed anything!

(Deleted comment)
Yep... she was interesting. Love that song.

(Deleted comment)
I know! Who else would dance on a toilet on stage! She is hysterical.

MTE. Talk about obvious. At least TRY and pretend you're singing!

Aye, its always a bit disappoinyting when someone SO famous doesn't put in the effort.

Isn't this song really old?

Hysterical! Did you see Janet run off? Did she think Dermot was going to talk to her? Snubbed!

(Deleted comment)
We're using to watch, handy if you're on a pc!

Olly looks like an extra from a Colgate ad in that get-up

I knew it. I bloody knew Danyl would be out.

Shouldn't have changed my vote.

I was thinking something similar - changed my mind at the last second and picked Olly rather than Danyl to go. Doh.

Did Simon just call him a loser? :-D

He did, and he emphasised it lol.

He's been labouring how nice Olly is to work with for a couple of weeks now. I think he saw the writing on the wall with Danyl.

Goodness, Danyl seems quite calm. Already promised a contract, perhaps?

Pisica: For next week...

Do you know how it is going to go? Still two different shows? Will one person get kicked out on Saturday. Want to make sure I get the poll done right! :-)

...according to next week's TV Times, the three finalists perform on the Saturday, the first one goes home at the beginning of Sunday's show, and the remaining two battle it out for another two hours. Hope that helps. :)

Yes, thanks!

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