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Comment thread for tonight's live show.
Simon says
astartesyriaca wrote in x_factor_polls
Posting this a wee bit early as it turns out I won't be home tonight. I'll be watching a different (and dare I say MUCH BETTER) live show - DEPECHE MODE!! But I'll definitely be here tomorrow to close our final poll before the first person gets the boot. Enjoy!

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Oooh, Depeche Mode. Sounds fun!

And yes, somehow I feel that > two hours of padding and mediocrity for a foregone conclusion of Mr. Joe McBoring winning.

And yet, I still watch. Oh, X Factor

Tell me about it.

Stacey... very nice, but doesn't sound like a winner to me, so far.

Adequacy: she has it. And only it.

I think I preferred her audition.

OK, so at least one person's had one good song tonight. Already my expectations have been passed... really enjoyed Olly's first.

All I can say about Olly is that I want to punch him. In the trousers. Repeatedly.

I must say though, that you give GREAT icon :)

I'd sooner be at Depeche Mode, myself. :D

That said, not watching XF today, since I'm bogged down in Actual Work Stuff... so I'm relying on you LJ'ers to keep me posted via this thread.

Wow! It's just as stunningly boring and samey as any other song Joe has sung!

Ugh. I can't believe this guy's gonna win it :| Well, no, I can. XD

So far Joe is the best, but I'm not sure I like his song, though I love the song Stacey sang, but not as much as when Nat King Cole sang it.

Been putting kid to bed, but it doesn't sound like I missed anything. It feels like this series of XFactor ran out of steam halfway through. I blame the twins :)

Not her song at all. Stilted, and too deep.

Michael Buble kind of showed that up, too.

I love that song, and was disappointed :( I really don't care who wins anymore.

I love it (in its many, many incarnations, though Muse is my fave) and yeah, it's sad to hear it done so... bleh.

I don't either really.

I just found Muse doing that song on Youtube and it's a great version.

It always makes me grin. It's so... bombastic. :D

Adam Lambert's version rocks, too.

Yeah, I saw that on Youtube and was surprised by how much I liked it (and him)!

I spent the whole time ignoring her performance and adoring her dress instead.

YES. It was gorgeous and glittery and red and want!

What is that fabric?!? WANT!

1) Michelle sang this better years ago.
2) Putting her next to someone who is hugely skilled at this type of music is just unfair.

Oooh bad song choice for Ollie, his voice isn't good enough.

Mm, and Robbie shows that up.
I wasn't watching just now and I thought "Wow, that note! Brilliant!"... and it was Robbie, not Olly!

Edited at 2009-12-12 08:33 pm (UTC)

Olly + Robbie = separated at birth.

Oh dear, Ollie has the best stage presence of those left, but it's unfair to expose his voice that much.

Robbie totally missed his cue - Jesus, it's amateur hour at the Dog and Duck.

Olly was a bit meh and I hate Robbie Williams, so... :|

OMG what did George just say!!! "The contestants have all this to deal with, and they have to meet people like us on the same night!"
The EGO of the man!
I am crying with laughter here!

Us too, though we decided he meant middle aged cottaging crackheads.

I know! Just incredible.

Love that. Olly's so much more fun than the other two!

Simon knows he's going home tonight

True, that.

I am SO bored with this tonight. Partly it's because I feel like the result is a fix foregone conclusion, partly because I just don't think any of the three have enough about them to really be huge. :-S

That's exactly it. Between them, the don't have the charisma of any of the guests. It's all way too meh.

Oh Christ - Robbies back after the break. He's practising counting to 4 as we speak. I'm picturing him doing this in manner of Steve Martin in The Jerk.

Was Buble totally miming or what?

My husband commented that Olly and Robbie were liked two drunk blokes at karaoke. Would explain Robbie's crapness at least!

Edited at 2009-12-12 09:16 pm (UTC)

I love the animated baubles/bells etc behind Robbie. I want some of them.

Cheryl looks so nervous.

OMG I did not see Olly staying coming, but I'm thrilled!

Yes, me too, although it just prolongs the agony. I want it all to be over with now. I suppose we'll have the obligatory visit to the CD factory tomorrow night, and the two alternate covers.

God, I am a miserable sod, aren't I? LOL!

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