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Comment thread for tonight's live show.
Simon says
astartesyriaca wrote in x_factor_polls
Posting this a wee bit early as it turns out I won't be home tonight. I'll be watching a different (and dare I say MUCH BETTER) live show - DEPECHE MODE!! But I'll definitely be here tomorrow to close our final poll before the first person gets the boot. Enjoy!

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I love that song, and was disappointed :( I really don't care who wins anymore.

I love it (in its many, many incarnations, though Muse is my fave) and yeah, it's sad to hear it done so... bleh.

I don't either really.

I just found Muse doing that song on Youtube and it's a great version.

It always makes me grin. It's so... bombastic. :D

Adam Lambert's version rocks, too.

Yeah, I saw that on Youtube and was surprised by how much I liked it (and him)!

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