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Oops... slight error... and one last poll!
Simon says no
astartesyriaca wrote in x_factor_polls
So, in my excitement for going to see Depeche Mode (who were AMAZING... Martin Gore can out-sing any of the X Factor contestants any day!), I was somehow confused and thought that all eliminations were tomorrow night. Given that Stacy got the boot, I really should have closed the poll earlier.

It is closed now, but it seems like a couple people went and changed their vote after the results were announced. I don't mean to scold, but FOR SHAME! It is up to pisica if she wants to disqualify the votes of who did this (yes, I know who you are)... but maybe if you sent a message to her and I and let us know what your original vote was, and that maybe you didn't realize you shouldn't change your vote, then you could be be forgiven. :-)

I'll also include another FINAL poll here, since I screwed up (but in my defense, the radio times made it sound like all results were announced tomorrow!). So, last chance... who is going to WIN!

Poll #1498248 FINAL Final Poll
This poll is closed.

Who will win?


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I feel all special; I did change my vote, but I did about ten or fifteen minutes into the show (my logic was that, whichever of Olly or Stacey performed first, they'd be voted out first, if that counts for anything). I didn't actually watch the show tonight, so I only found out they'd changed the elimination through people's comments anyway...

That said, does it show what time people voted on the polls? If so, should be easy enough to discount those people who voted after 9.15 or whatever time the results were.

ETA: Forgot to mention, the TV Times was the same, making out that all results were the Sunday. Guess they decided to do a 'shock eviction' thing or somesuch nonsense. :(

Edited at 2009-12-13 01:18 am (UTC)

I only counted changes that came in after 9.30, when the show was over. Any other changes happened before about 9.05, and I didn't count those... we can all usually change our votes based on the night's performances.

Thanks for confirming that about the TV Times!

Hey -- thanks for keeping me posted. Will decide things when I getback.

I've changed my vote on who will win from last night, thinks Olly might pick up a fair share of Stacey's votes. I think I had Joe and Stacey with Joe to win. I actually missed the first four songs or so, wasn't home in time.

I've been in Florida so missed all the fun. Olly to win. As bad as the SCowell can be, I can't bear Cheryl Cole's awful smugness all over the place.

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