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Finals comment thread...
Simon says
astartesyriaca wrote in x_factor_polls
Let the snark begin!! :-)

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Cheryl finally has a GORGEOUS dress on!

Eventually Olly will run out of 60s songs to cover. Lucky for him there weren't more finalists.

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Ah, love Olly. He's so... fun.

I like him (think he has way better stage presence than Joe) but Simon is playing very safe - he knows what sort of songs he's good at and never goes outside that comfort zone.

Well, I'd say that of both contestants tonight. *shrug* Shame, but we were never gonna get a thrilling final, I guess.

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AB/JLS = most exciting performance of the night.

Agreed 100%. Bring back last year.

This. And I dislike AB normally... though I'm fond of that particular song!

I hope they just have one final next year, this drawn out final is torture on the viewers. I'm fed up of all the stars promoting themselves on this show and two hours yesterday and two more tonight is just far too dull.

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Isn't this the winners' single though?

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(Deleted comment)
I've recorded Delia and am watching it in between.

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Oh god, a Touching Montage. :|

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Winner's single. This your first X Factor year? :-)

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God, this song is so hilariously rubbish! Sat with the 'rents, and we can't stop giggling over all the 'ing' rhymes.


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Don't worry the kitties are more entertaining than the show:)

It is an adorable page for it!

OK, so did I mishear the lyric, or did George Michael really describe snow as sugar from Jesus???

If the next surprise is as unmissable George Michael just was, I may as well go to bed.

Is it me or does this dark dye on George just make him look like he's desperately trying to look younger and just looking desperate?

I was thinking yesterday he had that not quite aging gracefully feel that often means the plastic surgery has started.

I was JUST saying both of these things about Paul McCartney.

How on earth did they get Sir Paul to appear??

He's about to have a new album?

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Ugh, I hate this song. Also him. Just tell us who won so I can go up to bed!

Wow, this year went downhill fast. I just lost all enthusiasm.

Ugh, but just listen to this! His voice has totally gone, I'm sorry. D:

(Deleted comment)

Well, see you all next year, folks!

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I'd rather watch Strictly than that, and that's saying something, LOL!

Next reality show for me is The Apprentice. Can't wait for that one!

Ahaha bless, my parents are so upset Olly lost they've asked me to go help get that Rage Against the Machine song to no.1 and buy it. xD I find that quite hilarious...

(Deleted comment)
Cowell wins every way you look at it!

Oh, probably. Not a fan of them, TBH, so I wouldn't know.

I find the idea of rebelling against being told to buy something by buying something a Facebook group told you to deliciously recursive, myself.

OK so who else heard that wobble in the backing track near the end there, that was also IN HIS VOICE??? Was he miming? Autotune doesn't work on a live performance, surely?

Pretty much. And yet, I couldn't bring myself to stop. Or stop voting. It's like a damn cult- you never leave. XD;

I'm delighted that Joe won, I love him and I knew he'd win from the very first week!

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