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x_factor_polls's Journal

X-Factor polls
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This is a poll community for the X-Factor (UK). Basically, every week of the live show, there is a poll. You vote for the acts you think will be in the bottom two. If you're right, you get points. If you get the most points, you win. There's no actual prize, but if you want to shriek and cry and be famous for 0.00000000000002 seconds, this is the place!

Before the live shows there will be occasional posts and polls.

Commenting is more than encouraged, and anything X-Factor-related is fair game. There will only be a few posts a week at most (posted by the community maintainers), so this won't be a high-traffic community.

2008 champions (from pisica's own LJ):

First place, 18 points: doublevodka
Second place, 17 points: hfnuala
Third place, 16 points: rickfan37